How to style leather

Most of you probably know that I am totally in love with leather – especially leather pants. Since the weather is slowly getting colder, the season for leather pieces is officially back!

My favorite thing about those pants is how diverse you can style them: both casual and classy. It is really important to pay attention to how to combine leather pieces. You need to find a perfect balance between sexy and stylish.

I’ve partnered up with eBay to show you my favorite leather pants.Yes that’s correct, eBay has their fashion department with many it pieces at a really good price. It is definitely worth to take a look and browse their products!

But let’s get back to how to style leather pants. My go to for classy look is always a coat. You can either choose a black one as I did or more intense colors to create an even more eye-catching look. Add a silky scarf, booties and your favorite bag and you are ready to go!

It is really easy to change your look with only a few pieces. In my opinion swapping jackets can make a huge difference! As you can see, a fluffy faux fur jacket is a perfect fit for leather and makes your outfit even more stylish.

You can find my favorite leather pieces here and I hope I could give you some inspiration!

*in collaboration with eBay

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